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Goddess Hormone Balance Tea

Goddess Hormone Balance Tea

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The Goddess Hormone  Tea can be prepared as either a tea or an infusion. Both methods involve pouring hot water over parts of a plant, but they differ in the amount of herbs used and the steeping time.

For conditions such as PCOS, infertility, heavy and painful cycles, PMS, endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, elevated blood pressure, high A1c, and other hormone imbalances, prepare an infusion. For minor cramps, dull headaches, or general hormone health maintenance and prevention, prepare as a tea.

During your first cycle consuming The Goddess Hormone Tea, there is a small chance it may increase blood flow due to the blood-cleansing herbs. However, some women with prolonged menstrual cycles have reported that the tea actually stopped their flow, thanks to the antihemorrhagic herbs in the blend. These herbs can either initiate your menstrual cycle or stop excessive bleeding, adapting to your body’s needs.


To prepare as an infusion, pour 10 oz of hot (not boiling) water over 2 tbsp of herbs. Steep for 6 hours.
To prepare as a tea, pour 6 oz of hot water over 1 tbsp of herbs. Steep for 45 minutes. Strain the herbs from the tea and do not consume them.
To rewarm your tea, place your mason jar in a pot of hot boiling water.

The small pouch provides 30-45 servings of tea.


Drink a cup every day for a month. Consuming it during your cycle is optional. Some women report that it helps stop excessive bleeding, but this isn’t guaranteed for everyone.
After a month, you can reduce to a few cups per week. Continue drinking it until your hormones are balanced. Even then, it’s beneficial for maintenance.
You can drink this tea at any time, with or without food. It provides energy, so consume it when you are most active.
Avoid using boiling water to prepare the tea, as it can destroy some medicinal properties.


You may notice improvements in digestion, stabilized blood sugar and blood pressure, reduced bloating, lighter cycles, clearer skin, fewer cramps, less general pain, mental clarity, increased energy, a regular cycle, regulated ovulation, and a better mood.

If you have PCOS, fibroids, polyps, cysts, endometriosis, or absent cycles, it’s common not to experience a short, painless, light cycle in the first month. Healing times vary for each woman due to different diets and lifestyles.


The taste can be bitter to some, while others find it light and refreshing. Avoid adding sweeteners as they can spike your blood sugar, counteracting the tea’s benefits. Training your taste buds to enjoy bitters can help reduce sugar cravings.

The large pouch offers a 3-4 month supply.


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